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Air supply Auto-darkening welding helmet AD


Solar Auto-darkening Welding Helmet

Type: AD

Product Name: Solar Auto-darkening Welding Helmet


This product(AD) is used in many kinds of gas protecting welding (TIG、MIG、MAG) of adverse electric welding machine as well as all kinds of arc welding.

This product does not provide protection against: acetylene welding or Laser welding!

This helmet(AD)is the renewed product of normal welding helmet with cowhide cape. It adopts photoelectric control technology,not necessary to switch, not occupy the other hand of worker, auto darkening. Work pieces can be seen clearly before welding. It auto darkles immediately when welding splashes. Switch Time< 0.1ms,dark:9-13(knob inside).It keeps out the strong welding light effectively and provides the protection for eyes.

This product working with PRF—102、PRF—103 filter can protect eyes and breath.

Before using the helmet, please adjust the hoop. The helmet can be washed but do not scrape the glass. Every time take down the helmet please keep well the screw in order to reinstall favorably.

AD helmet Technical Specification

·Cartridge Size:             110×90×10mm

·Viewing Window:           98×43mm

·Switch Time: (light to dark)       0.1ms

(dark to light)          ≤0.2-0.7S (auto-regulate)

·Ultraviolet Protection:       <0.0003% (313nm),<0.006% (365nm)

·Infrared Protection:         <0.1% (780-2000nm)

·Shade Range:              4/9—13

·Power:                Solar battery / changeable Lithium battery

·Operating Temperature:      -5℃—+55℃

·Weight:                   500g


· Before using, operator must check whether the helmet is damaged and protecting flake is installed before cover lens, if it was damaged, do not use, or the auto-darkening glasses will be damaged by the welding splashes.

Before Using

·Select shade (9-13) by the shade select knob to suit the welding current. If not knowing which to use, operator can try from the deepest color, turn this knob anti-clockwise until the window is clear. The “Sensitivity" knob is mostly adjusted to the middle. However if the welding current is low, please turn the knob clockwise, toward High, to increase the sensitivity. If work at night, please avoid strong light. If it can not work normally, turn the knob to decrease the sensitivity.

·Put the helmet on, rotate the helmet adjustable knob right or left as press down to tight adjust the diameter of headband so that hood can be fixed.

·After welding you should check the cover lens, if it stained some dust, remove the two screws in the hood, then take out spectacle frame, please wipe the cover lens by soft cloth, or washed by mild solution of soap and then dry out.  Do not use hard cloth or rough paper to wipe it, or the cover lens will be damaged and affect the observation in welding.

·If the shade is obviously dark enough, you should change the battery. Take off the spectacles frame draw out the drawer where hold the standby battery near by the solar battery. Change into a changeable Lithium battery(CR2032). This battery’s life is 1 year.

·It shall not be exposed to water or moisture. The conserved environment must be dry.

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